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Brew Bracket

Brew Bracket LogoWhile stumbling around the Brewers of Indiana Guild/World Class Beverages Winterfest a couple of weeks ago looking for friends that had forsaken me to the crowds, I ran across the booth for The Brew Bracket. The fella behind the booth seemed friendly and eager to talk so I went up and slurred an introduction to him.

The gist is this: 16 Indiana IPAs are going to compete for a People’s Choice award in a bracket style tournament. Four hundred voters will taste two beers head-to-head and pick a winner. The winner of each contest is advanced to the next round until one comes out on top. A bracket.

The event seems all in good fun and it has the backing of, well, the 16 Indiana brewers who are competing, as well as the Brewers of Indiana Guild who have signed on as partners.

From the Brew Bracket site, the competing brewers are:

These things can sometimes get out of control when people’s natural competitiveness gets the better of them, but from what I’ve seen of the beer community in Indiana, that probably won’t be an issue. Brewers enter contests all the time and, again, from what I can tell, aver to the wisdom of the judges rather than crying foul when a competitor beats them for the blue ribbon. The only difference here is that (I would guess) most of the judges won’t be BJCP (or otherwise) certified, and so it will be much more honest about the inherent subjectivity in taste assessment.

I have high hopes that what starts out in good fun, will end that way too, and I’m looking forward to the event: April 17th (and as far as I know, there are still tickets left. They cost $35 plus a processing charge). $1000 will be given to the Boys and Girls Club of Indiana too, which is nice, although I’d prefer if it was a straight percentage of sales rather than a fixed figure.

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