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Brewbot – Automated Homebrew

Ever since the beginning of my home brewing journey this has been my Last Crusade as it were. Honestly though, I geek out on anything that will automate every part of everything I ever do. That’s why when I ran across this the other day I salivated all over my favorite Sun King hoodie.

The Automated Home Beer Brewery started as a desire to automate the process of home beer making and was submitted to the Renesas RX Design Contest, this is one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen.

One of the sweetest things about this, besides brewing beer for you, is that it takes recipes from Brewtarget. One of the best free, cross platform, and open source pieces of software for creating and managing your beer recipes. And by “takes recipes” I mean this project will automatically brew the recipes that you send it via the internet. All you need to do is put the ingredients in the proper places.

From the project page:

Home brewing beer can be a rewarding mix of art and science. It allows the brewer to explore the thousands of possibilities available using the dozens of varieties of hops, malt, yeast and other interesting ingredients. The process can be time consuming and results can vary due to many factors, including precision, technique and consistency used by the brewer in the process.

Imagine an appliance in your kitchen that could take the time and labor out of the brewing process and  brew a consistent batch of beer each time thus allowing the user to focus on the ingredients and recipe.

This project explores that idea.

Simply amazing. Continue on to the project page to see build specs in PDF, pictures, and everything you’ll need to get started on your own. It’s a bit generic but should give anyone who knows enough to start a project of this magnitude everything they need.

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