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Friday Night Linkage

Broken Flower

Broken Flower

Everything in me tells me not to post any of this to you. At least not now considering weekend posts don’t get read that much. But I just can’t help myself. There’s been several good things this week I want to share that didn’t get tweeted out or put on the Facebook page. Both of which you should be following. Damnit.

First up we have Hoosier Beer Geek’s take on House Bill 1132. Which, if you live in Indiana and drink beer, you should be very interested in. Basically it’s been proposed that we raise the minimum a micro brewery can brew in Indiana before they start getting picked on by doing things like taking away their right to serve beer samples on the brewing premises. But HBG will explain that to you so go read that now!

Next we have a great post from Blog About Beer called A Quick History of U.S. Prohibition, Twitter Style in honor of national beer day. I thought this was very well done and certainly deserves a mention. It’s hard to believe that just 90 years ago our right to consume alcohol was taken away by the government. Even harder to believe that it took 13 years and President Roosevelt to overcome that mistake.

Finally I leave you with a few pictures from Stone Brewing Company. Their Flickr feed is amazing and something you should definitely be following which is the actual piece I want to share with you. For now check out the Stone Truck and a Live Band! Sorry for not posting the actual pictures but they reserve all rights so I’ll just link to a few and hope you’ll subscribe to their RSS feed.

Happy Friday. Have a great weekend, be careful, and enjoy yourself!


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