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From “Hawaii” to Kentuckiana

Although we’ve never discussed it in person, one place where the Portable Curmudgeon and I disagree is on the importance of drinking “locally.” First a caveat. My personal sensibilities drive me to drink locally most of the time. I drink locally exclusively whenever I travel…even if that means drinking some Corona product as I will most likely do when I visit Puerto Vallarta at the end of the month. I have even guest blogged the advice “drink locally” for the now-defunct Rob Kaspar beer blog at the Baltimore Sun. I think drinking locally is a wise (and probably good) thing to do. So it isn’t that I disagree. I just don’t prioritize it as high as he does.

So for me, the real reason not to drink Kona products if you happen to see one crop up at your neighborhood bar is not because they are “crafty” or because they aren’t from the southwestern Indiana/Kentucky area, it’s because they just aren’t any goddamned good. Seriously, Kona beers are some of the worst beers I’ve ever had brewed by a professional.



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Posted in The Drinking Class.