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Kona, Bad. Goose Island, Good.

I don’t normally talk about beers I don’t enjoy on this blog. That’s a personal choice and not one I universally endorse. I like reviews of bad products. They help me make informed choices. I just don’t write them. That is until yesterday, when I condemned the entire line of Kona beers. I haven’t tried every one of their beers, but I’ve tried enough to know that I won’t pay for the “opportunity” to try any more. (I’m willing to be persuaded that Kona makes a quality beer if they would like to send it to me).

At any rate, if I’m going to bad mouth a craft(y) beer, I may as well lend my hand at defending Goose Island…a previously no-doubt-a-member of a the craft beer pantheon, but now an oft-slighted ABInbev product.

I’m really just going to link to this review by Jeff Alworth. That guy knows his beer, although I think he’s a little too partisan to PNW IPAs to the point of being dismissive of IPAs that deviate from that particular profile. I think his approach here is sensible and other beer bloggers/writers/fans should follow his lead. I can’t agree or disagree with his review since I haven’t tasted all the beers he mentions here. However, I like that he tries to approach the beer for what the beer is and what it’s supposed to be. I like that he gave the Goose Island brewers a chance to prove their mettle rather than relying on his emotions to judge those beers for him. I’m not going to lie, I’m also glad he found nice things to say about the beers, because I very much like the GI Belgian-style beers I’ve had and I think it’s a shame that arbitrary rules of what beers we’re allowed to like so often cloud our ability to taste what’s in the glass.

One of these days I’ll approach the recent argument made by New Albanian about how the end (good tasting beer) doesn’t necessarily justify the means (macro-ownership, distant breweries, contract brewing?). Because I think his argument is the only good one opposed to the argument implied here. But it still isn’t good enough for me to dismiss Goose Island just because they have the misfortune of being owned by guys in suits who do not also brew beer.

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