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My Beer Fanboy Weekend

This weekend, I got a little fanboyish.

On Thursday (started the weekend early) I went to Masters of the Brewniverse, a fundraiser for the United Way. MofB was a hilarious and goofy good time. Several local brewers and their friends or cow-workers got on stage and acted the fool in three “competitions”: fashion, interview, and talent. While they goofed off for our enjoyment, attendees (Yours Truly and his Special Lady Friend and a couple hundred(?) others) got to sample the available beers. My favorite brewery of the night was Black Bottle out of Ft. Collins. My favorite beer was the Chai Stout from Yak and Yeti.



On Friday, the SLF and I had an impromptu VD dinner at a newly opened (chain) pizza establishment. Paxti’s Pizza has the best Chicago deep dish pizza I have had outside Chicago or Indianapolis. The only annoying thing was they kept explaining to me that this or that process or food or ingredient was “kind of Chicago thing to do.” Chicago isn’t darkest Africa. I’ve been. Thanks. At any rate, we left there and picked up a six pack. At the same time I also picked up a bomber of the Stochasticity Project Grapefruit Slam. Meh. I love the name and the art. I love all the marketing copy on the website. But the beer? Meh. It looked good. It smelled great. And up front, I liked everything about the beer. But the bitter aftertaste was powerful and lingering. It was too much. Either that beer has a specific bitter that got under my skin, or I am officially past my hophead phase.

On Saturday, I worked on my thesis all day long. #sadface

On Sunday the SLF and two other friends took a 40-mile bike ride. We were supposed to end up at My Brothers Bar, but those fools aren’t open on Sundays, so we headed to Hops and Pie–a joint that’s been on my list since my first week in Denver. While there I was able to have a pint of Punk IPA (been on my list of beers to try for about 3 years) and Collaboration not Litigation. CnL has never been on my list, but I’ve been aware of it because its title and its sentiment is exactly the kind of Craft Beer Evangelist-red meat that I normally snark at on this blog. And I had a pint of the Kvasir, the new “historical” ale from Dogfish Head…which was excellent.

In sum, this weekend I:

  • celebrated rockstar brewers by treating them like celebrities at a “beauty” pageant
  • overpaid for a hard-to-find, gimmicky new release I didn’t enjoy that much
  • bought an import from one of the world’s most hype-centric breweries (Brew Dog)
  • rewarded two breweries for a collaboration ale
  • rewarded another brewery for an almost-certainly-inaccurate “recreation” of a historical recipe

I was basically, the perfect brew fanboy. Top that off with my 40-mile trek down the South Platte trail and add in this beard I have, and I’m exactly like 90% of Colorado males. I’M FINALLY FITTING IN!!!!


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